The Start of Lay & V

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

1/2 comfy cami that is nursing friendly, 1/2 four way stretch denim that will grow with you, creating 1 foundation piece that eliminates pant sagging.

Lay & V was created during an "ah-ha" moment and the realization of a huge gap in the maternity clothing world!

My story actually starts during my third pregnancy; throughout my first two pregnancies I had an extremely hard time finding pants that stayed on my tush, I literally spent half my day pulling my pants up. I also found everything to be super uncomfortable, not flattering and I inevitably felt frumpy. All the tops were ruched down the side, all the pants fell off my behind and on top of all that, everything was so expensive to wear for only 9 months. I knew I wasn’t the only one who had this issue. I began researching and trying to find a solution, only to came up empty handed.

I took matters into my own hands and started sketching out a design - I wanted something fresh and updated to the maternity scene, but it also needed to be functional. I had so many thoughts around what needed to be included, a laundry list of comfort, style, functionality, versatility, and on. I added real pockets and belt loops because any pregnant woman knows, that most maternity pants have no belt loops and fake pockets. I created a faux tuck lip so you can do a partial shirt tuck, stitched in a “fly” and added a button so you can actually feel like you are wearing pants, not maternity clothes. The concept was easy - treat it as an affordable, foundation maternity piece that you can simply dress up or down by adding a top, blazer, cardigan (really anything) or by accessorizing.

With my sketch complete, I bought a sewing machine and got to work! I found some old maternity tank tops and jeans and began constructing a one piece. It happened fairly fast, although it was not super cute (I am not the best seamstress in the world). I scoured the internet to find the most perfect fabrics and a wonderful manufacturer – this sounds easy but it legit took months of work, I will save you from all those details . Long story short here we are today, from a problem, to an idea, a vision, a prototype, to Lay & V.

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