New Mama Must Have's

Because we know it's all about the babes, but it's also all about whatever simplifies your life too!

One of my biggest pet peeves is wasting - it’s the worst when you spend money on a baby gadget that you don’t even need! I am all about saving money, time and space - practical and efficient, if you will.

When I found out I was pregnant naturally I created a registry, only problem was I really had no idea what I needed, regardless of the lists and blogs I searched. It was overwhelming to sift through shelf after shelf of baby aisles or read a whole slew of blogs promising best baby products. There were countless people online saying you need this or that, but after a couple months I realized we had some "go-to" items that never failed. I also learned more and more after each baby, and just in general, from our lifestyle.

Your lifestyle plays a large role in what you'll actually use. Do you travel a lot? You may want to consider more portable, lightweight items. Do you plan on nursing or formula feeding? You’ll want to consider things like bottle warmers vs nursing covers. Do you live in a city? Do you enjoy jogging? Very important when making your stroller purchase.

I can’t say that I have tested every product on the market, but after three daughters I have tried a lot! There’s no exact science here, but I narrowed down my top “new mama must-have's” to items that all new moms can relate too. So without further ado, here are the top products:

  1. Forehead Thermometer - getting under your babes arm or tush is not the easiest thing to do, never mind when you are just looking for a quick check in. Forehead, all the way, is a must have for quick temp checks and piece of mind. Metene Infrared Infant Thermometer is reasonably priced, has excellent reviews, is quick, accurate and will not wake up your babes in the middle of night!

  2. Baby Bouncer - we all love snuggling our new babes when they are born, but if this isn’t your first rodeo you likely have another little one your rallying. Even if you don’t, chances are you’ll at least wanna sneak away for a shower while she naps! Highly, highly recommend a bouncer chair for when you need to be hands free for lunch or some quick house cleaning. Fisher-Price Baby's Bouncer - Lion Around was a staple for my lovies, at least until they started to roll over, but it was well used for the price.

  3. Newborn Baby Wrap - the K’tan is a super easy to use baby wrap. It is perfect for running in and out of stores, around the house, on walks, etc. this is my go to baby carrier!

  4. Compact Stroller - most come with the infant seat quick connect, but if the one you picked doesn’t, you might want to reconsider! Newborns sleep everywhere and the easier option is to pop out a compact stroller and click your newborn seat right into it without waking them! Maxi Cosi Maxi Taxi is a perfect example – a plain, light weight frame with a easy infant car seat snap.

  5. Grass Drying Rack - Boon Grass Dryer Rack - This is a must in our house, I'm pretty sure I have had it out on my counter for 6 years now. It is perfect for bottles, nipples, paci’s and even my oldests’ camel back bottles and straws.

  6. Fridababy Baby Nose Frida Snotsucker - this is probably on every list you will ever read : )

  7. Johnson and Johnson Hand and Face Wipes - under rated and over used in my house! They disinfect, but are safe on babies. They wipe away 95% of germs, but gentle enough for sensitive skin. I have them everywhere, house, car, diaper bag, you name it!

  8. Butt Paste - a tush saver, this stuff cures diaper rash in record speed - stock up on it!

  9. Dirty Diaper Scented Bags - there is nothing worse than having to change a poopy diaper at friends home and having no diaper pail to dispose of it in. Grab a couple Munchkin Arm & Hammer bags with lavender scent and boom, problem solved! They are cheap and great to have on hand for public outings.

  10. Baby Nail Clippers and Nail Scrub Brush - I know, should be a no brainer, but it is often overlooked.

  11. Halo Bassinet - I would normally just say a good, solid bassinet, but times have changed. The Halo is amazing and will be all you need! It offers so many functions that you will want - it swivels, it's height adjustable, it's made of mesh sides, it lays your baby completely flat, sound machine and more! You literally can not go wrong with this bassinet!

  12. Owlet - andddd my top go to is the Owlet, a bit pricy, but if you can swing it, do it, do it, do it! The piece of mind alone you will save is invaluable. Not to mention this monitor is constantly monitoring your sweet babes heart rate and oxygen level. An absolute MUST HAVE!

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the products above and receive no compensation for the sales of these products. This is solely my opinion and experience based on personal use with each of these products.

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